A world of diversified Social Business Partnership Opportunity

Welcome to build profitable partnership in million shops, vendors and brands.
Partnership opportunities for community, marketing professionals, dynamic creators and shop keepers.

City Franchisee
  • In any city of choice
  • Passive model
  • Big market size
  • High profit scope
  • Cost as per city market
  • Dynamic discount offer
  • Anyone can join
Brand Influencers
  • Freedom to work
  • Active Business model
  • Start your online business
  • Connect preferred brands
  • Made for markets

Brand Ambassadors
  • First time ever
  • Passive Business model
  • Easy to start
  • High profit potential
  • Make deals with brand
  • Global business presence
  • Made for creative people
Business Point Centre
  • Local business multiplier
  • Active Business model
  • Start online brand business
  • Moderate profit potential
  • Connect nearby shops & build profit
  • Grow your brand popularity
  • Made for shopkeepers

Reasons to choose us

Winning combination for profit making business. Start your own business with city baazaar.

ODN Commerce

Open Digital Network Commerce platform for covering 100% market of million shops in any city of your choice. No competitor so far.

Passive and Active Model

Active and passive business models allow everyone to build partnership. No need of prior experience and work-time.

Low-Cost & High Profit

No huge capital needed. Build partnership at 90% lower cost and earn profit with known vendors and million buyers in city.

Primex For Partners

Freedom to exchange your partnership anytime at your cost on Primex which works real time bidding exchange.

Apply in three easy steps

Welcome in the tons of opportunities in city of choice and
build profitable partnership in million shops, vendors and brands.
Partnership opportunities for community, marketing professionals, dynamic creators and shop keepers.


Complete the form

First we need to know a little about you and your needs for partnership.


Get Approval

You will within two working days of submitting your application and get approved


Secure Your Position

After approved, your position will be reserved for profit partnership with complete KYC and agreeemnt.

Profit allocation and distribution

Let's understand profit and budget allocation across the various channels for market and customer traction.

Get Started Simple & Securely

Build profitable partnership in million shops, vendors and brands.
Make high profit at zero risk with ODN Commerce platform.

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What our franchisee partners say.

“City baazaar is our future building platform where we can earn money."

-Amit Gautam | Patna
Franchisee partners

“The concept of CITY BAAZAAR is very good. It is beneficial for everyone."

-Dheeraj Kumar | Jalandhar
Franchisee partners

“The model of CITI BAAZAAAR is a very best model. This is the most beneficial with low input cost.
It provides equal profits to all the person either he is of lower or higher category. I am thankful to the founders of city baazaar, who inspired & advised me to join this reliable & faithful company. With thanks & regards."

-Kamal Kant Sharma | Delhi
Franchisee partners

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone employee, self-employed, businessmen, professionals can join this partnership program.
Franchisee cost depends on the city population and market size.
Dynamic discounting is an algorithm-based method which provide the automatic discount on the basis of first come first gain.
In any city of your choice; company offers partnership preposition @ 33% of total profit earned by company after deduction of associated cost and expenditures and the partnership amount then divided into number of partnership units.
Full cost is calculated on estimation of budget for the development of any city divided into number of partnership units. But offer price is calculated after deduction of dynamic discount.
Offer price is an amount to be charged for partnership which calculated after deduction of dynamic discount and book price is an partial cost @ 40% of offer price to be paid at the time of partnership application and remaining cost will be deducted from all revenue source after start of profit from city market.
Any city of India or even world.